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Before and After School Program

The School - Age program serves children from kindergarten to 12 year olds. Some features of the program include devotions, art, independent reading, free choice, large muscle/outdoor play, homework help and more.

Having a safe place for the children before and after school and giving them a Christ centered atmosphere is the main goal.

Care also provided on non - school days.

Toddler Program

The toddler rooms are designed to serve children between the ages of 16 months and 34 months.

The staff/child ratio for children 16 months to 34 months is seven children per staff member. Communication and academic skills are developed and self- help skills, such as table manners, toilet training and dressing themselves are also worked on.

Social skills such as sharing toys and positive interactions with their peers are stressed throughout the day. The positive atmosphere in the toddler room enhances a child's good feelings about him/herself and those around him/her.

Infant Program

Infant care is in the ratio of four children per staff member. Our staff is highly qualified, loving and patient.

The teachers will spend a great deal of time holding, cuddling, and interacting with the children. We do not allow a child to "cry it out", but rather make every attempt to comfort and console them. We encourage nursing mothers to continue as their individual work schedule permits.

Each child has his/her own crib and the linens are changed daily. When the child is not asleep or eating, he/she is free to move about the room, explore and interact with other children and teachers. The children are held, rocked, talked to, sung to, and as appropriate, taught basic concepts of language.